Es Canar - Ibiza

Es Canar

Located on the southeast of the island, in Santa Eulària area, Es Canar is one of the most attractive places of the island of Ibiza.

The beach located in Es Canar has a distance of only 20 kilometers from Ibiza town (Eivissa), and offers a lot of enternteinment, sports, activities and a wide range of options if you like to go shopping or eat on a terrace with amazing views.

Es Canar is a white sand beach in an elongated U shape with around 300 meters long and 30 meters wide. From this beach and its small port you can take a boat to Santa Eulària, Cala Llonga and Ibiza town. Es Canar beach offers hammocks and it is an ideal place to go with the family, as it has shallow waters and there is also lifeguards services.

Nevertheless, the most important event that take place in this town and what makes it famous for, is the incredible flea market of Can Arabí. This market keeps the hippy athmosphere that was dominating Ibiza on the sixties and is the biggest flea market in the island. That is the reason why it can be sometimes very crowded. It takes place every wednesday during the summer months and you can find there all kind of things to buy, from exotic things to artisanal work. Although you do not want to buy something, as the prices can be a little bit high, it is really nice just to have a walk through it and appreciate the bohemian ambiance and the colourful stalls.

You can get to Es Canar easily by car, although there are also public transport services. There are three bus lines that go from Santa Eulària, San Miguel port and the Airport of Ibiza to Es Canar. You can also find a wide variety of accomodation, from hotels to rental apartments situated at the beach frontline.

Es Canar is not only a place to swim, sunbath and relax, but it is also an important commerce spot and a place where you can practice your favourite activity or just have a delicious meal with the best scene.

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